Achieve real results through an integrated mindfulness, nutrition and fitness platform

Create healthy eating habits, increase your fitness, manage stress, maintain your weight, and more. The program combines the three pillars of self-care—mindfulness, nutrition, and fitness—to help you reach your goals.

A customizable online program for
personal user wellness
  • use a custom meal plan to reach your weight goals
  • take part in online fitness workouts and challenges
  • set, reflect on and track your goals
A corporate wellness program tailored
to your organization
  • increase employee productivity and satisfaction
  • reduce workplace stress effectively
  • enhance your employee wellness program
Information for insurance professionals, EAPs, and other health systems
  • lower long-term disability rates
  • develop a financial win-win for your business


Available on any smart device, this program is built for real life. You need a wellness solution that fits within your busy schedule: welcome to My Viva Plan. Let us help you achieve a balanced lifestyle.