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Together with your team at , we are here to help you improve your health.
What is
My Viva Plan®?
My Viva Plan is a digital health program designed to support you with managing your lifestyle habits at home. My Viva Plan focuses on the three pillars of health: mind, nutrition, and fitness.
Previews of various sections in the program
Venn diagram explaining 3 components needed to work towards improving your health: You, Your Health Care Team, and My Viva Plan.
We Understand
- Behaviour change is hard
- Behaviour change takes time
We are here to support you every step of the way!
Here’s What
You Get With
My Viva Plan®:
✓ Quarterly Stress Assessments
✓ Daily Reflections
✓ Individualized Exercise Programs
✓ Individualized Meal Plans
✓ Recipes
✓ Progress Reports
✓ Behaviour Change Coaching Videos
✓ Food & Nutrition Encyclopedia
✓ Weekly Wellness Journey Tips
✓ On-Demand Meditation Programs
✓ On-Demand Yoga Programs
Previews of various sections in the program
How My Viva Plan® Works
Learn how you are feeling and behaving by doing your daily reflections
Change lifestyle habits
Improve health outcomes
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Realistic Outcomes
✓ Reduction in weight
✓ Reduction in waist circumference
✓ Improved blood pressure
✓ Improved blood sugar control (Hb A1c)
✓ Improved HDL cholesterol level
✓ Improved triglyceride level
✓ Reduction in medications
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